Wednesday, 26 November 2008

sooooo far behind

with blogging and all those everyday things i love !!
You know visiting my friends blogs ,
the very addictive but fun forums and just things in general !!
Dont get me wrong having all the work is great and my little business seems to be doing well , which is good !!

I still have lots of fairs before i can start to relax and get in the Christmas spirit

I did a lovely little fair on Saturday but silly me forgot the camera again
i will take it this weekend to the 3 fairs we have
and then next week i have something virtually everyday or night
so yep its busy busy busy !!
Must rush off now to get a couple more things done before the school run !

Oh and yes as you can see the red thing is going on x x


Rachel said...

Glad your business is going well. Much better to be busy than bored, I think! And then when you have done all your Christmas fairs, you will appreciate the break all that much more too. :)

nimblejacks said...

lovely mushroom bags there cute. Don't wear your self out with all that rushing around though

Things Hand Made said...

Glad its going well, red is ALWAYS good!

Holly said...

Those bags are so cute! The star pouch is adorable too :)

Est xxx said...

Those little bags are just the cutest