Thursday, 23 October 2008

please Miss

As i have been focused and got my bum in gear and sorted my stock out !!
My wholesale customers can now call me an say
" Hey missus can i have some of your fabby core products " and i can say " yes you certainly can "

So to treat myself i made this

the photo really doesn't do it justice if i do say so myself
i have made a few of these now this year for pressies for peeps
Even my eldest girlie wants me to make them for her very cool friends
so they must be good !!
I have started to get the 2 from my giveaway done and hope to get them finished and sent out next week ... you cannot rush a genius you know ;0)

Did i tell you that my friend now sells proper sweeties you know the ones you had as a kiddie
if you get chance and can get to one of the fairs she goes to have a peek ,
she also sells some fab bags and half pinnies ;0)

Wow why do photo's make things look wonky
the top photo looks awful and i stood on a chair to take it ( oh to be taller )
it still looks wonky oh and my window sill needs painting too
oh joy !!

another update ....... i have just spent all morning faffing with the website
and finally after a million photo's ( no exaggeration there at all !!)
i have managed to get a few new things on there including my mini quilts


nimblejacks said...

Very pretty, I know cameras eh? My flash is posessed on mine at the moment! Flash willy nilly most annoying. If you want a recipe to try with the kids try the Raspberry and Cho one on my blog my 2 ate 5 yesterday!!!!! Starnge how they aren't hungry today can't imagine why

Andrea said...

love both of those! :) will have a look at your ebay site