Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I feel something is missing , i know what it is !!
I just don't know what to do
I love the freedom i have at the moment not having a rescue dog that drove me insane
but i miss her terribly .

We got fistral( look how much she has grown ) to help keep me company
and she does she follows me
everywhere and is a joy to have around
even Cassie loves her but the void Amber has left is huge !!
so do i get another doggy or not ... watch this space !!

To be a bit more cheerful i am sewing like a mad women
using some of this lovely new fabric i have bought over the past week or so

I have 3 Christmas fairs up to now and the chance of 2 - 2 days fairs if i can get a place
So sewing is whats been happening here plus i have my wholesale orders to complete

I have even more than this but its so dark here in Rainy windy Derbyshire
that i cannot get anymore photos done
which is a pain as i want to add new things to my website !!

My very good friend and i have been doing the country living fair chat again
I would love to go but it is such a huge leap for me
not just cash wise , there are the kidlets to organise , himself at uni and just general life !!
I have to consider the huge amount of work it will take
i have my wholesale orders to keep up with , my website and arghhhh it all just keeps wizzin around in my head !!
I have also just started thinking about doing my 15 hours practical swim teaching
for my ASA teaching so my head is all over the place !!

So that's just a bit of my past few days hectic as always
off to try and catch up with whats happening in blogland

Sara x


Jackie said...

I would be very interested in that Country Living Fair chat. What do you know about it?

Buffy said...

Fistral is absolutely gorgeous! my youngest would love having a cat around, she is cat mad, so much so that if she hurts her leg she'll say "I hurt my back paw mummy!"

And the cat fabric too is delicious!

We are both Stay at home mums of 5 but our surrounds are so very different. Hence you can have animals and to my children's dismay, we can't possibly in a top floor flat!

Your pics are stunning! What a beautiful place you live in, so serene compared to hectic London living!

Your work is a joy to look at, sew like a mad woman! it is so productive!

~Buffy x x

Joan said...

Your little Fistral is So Sweet--what a joy she must be. I love reading your blog here in Canada