Friday, 29 August 2008

remember me ??

yes i know i said i would blog more but it has been a mad house here for the past week
or so and i can also now tell you our surprise ..........

I am now the only bread winner in our home !!!!

My very brave Chrissy has finished at work to go to Uni for the next 3 years ....
I am soooo proud of him doing this even if he has driven me insane while we have been trying to sort it all out ... Vanessa now's what i mean ;0)

So why you may ask as we want to move
well after 2 years of looking for work for himself we came to the conclusion it just wasn't going
to happen so time to re - train !!!
His time at uni should give him a good qualification , a qualification that should get him a good job in sunny Cornwall !!

so now as we are getting all the grants and things sorted
i will try and blog more but please bare with me !!
I have also booked a few fairs one in just over a week and im nowhere near ready at all !!
I have bought some lovely things lately which i must take photo's of and today we went to ikea for nice things and fabric goodness i love their fabric
oh and Swedish meatballs Mmmmm yummy !!!

Ok ive waffled on about it all now so have a great weekend and see ya soon x x


Vanessa said...

Has he been driving you mad today or just driving you to Ikea. I hope you are going to keep him nice and busy until he starts at Uni.

Are those cupcake brooches mine?

Have a good weekend I will let you know how the fairs going!

Vanessa x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Woohoo! The deed is done! Have you been and bought his "Back to School" uniform, new shoes, bag and pencil case?
My OH is slowly getting his head round our move, but it may still be in the balance... The company may yet be sold instead of folded. Aaarrgghh!!

Petticoat Lane said...

That's brilliant. I'm sure you've all made the right decision and it means you're one step forwards towards Cornwall, which is always great news.
Good luck for the fairs...hope you sell loads..And the best of luck to your partner.

Katy said...

fantastic news!!!! How exciting!

saraeden said...
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PeggyCrafts said...

ahh, that's great news! Looking forward to seeing the pics! Good luck for the fairs too!x

Chloe said...

All the very best with it Sara. I hope it all works out and you get to have your lovely house in Cornwall eventually.
I can understand what your going through. My husband is just about to start doing a uni course too in the hope to become a teacher. It will be tough but so worth it in the end.
Good luck to you all and good luck with the fairs.