Thursday, 21 August 2008

much better now

and back to my helpful self
( excuse my messy desk )

so mum does this help ?

did you say move .. i think not i like it here !

Hey mum have you seen this ?

Yep Fistral is much better ,
this is one of her fave places and as you can imagine it makes work very difficult
sorry the photos are a bit iffy but i just had to catch these shots !!!

Fistral and i would like to thank everyone for their get well wishes
and send you all a big hug
x x x x x x x x


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Soooo glad she's feeling better. Poor little kitty.

nimblejacks said...

Ahh, hya ha my cat likes to run off with my ball of wool roving and unravel them whilst we are sleeping!! It involves lots of yowling as well. I'm thinking of poppoing some of my fav recipes on my blog what do you think?? Love your flowers by the way. Yay for us crafty mums I say.
Claire in Gower Wales

Hilda May said...

Hello there....glad the kitty is on the mend....can't wait till you tell us the big secret!

Rachel x

Chloe said...

Ahhhh, so glad shes better.
I wonder if its the heat that comes from computers that cats like so much?