Thursday, 3 July 2008

Website sale

having a sale to make way for lots of new things

and heres a few sneaky peeks at the very cheeky and very confident

Miss "Little Fistral"
Brandon had wanted to call her Meme Torres after the man himself
but we decided on calling her after our fave beach

the next shot is a bit blurry ... how are you supposed to take pictures of something that moves faster than the speed of light ... im sure its the gingerness !!

and this is where she is now sleeping on my scrap fabric box

i have more photos to take but today i got a little side tracked
doing a bit on the website
i as you can guess from above am having a bit of a sale of things that
will no longer be on the website and just things i want to change !!

I also got my new moo cards today and got a 15% discount card so if anyone wants it just let me know and i will pop it in the post to you !!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ooooh Little Fistral.... Perfect name. :o)
I have a weird mix of emotions about that beach. My last visit there was on a fabulous warm sunny evening. It was the last holiday my dad made to Cornwall before he died. Despite it being tense most of the holiday, sharing a house with a neurotic over-fussy mum & pretty incapacitated dad, that evening will always stick in my memory. We just sat in the sun watching kiddie jumping the huge waves on a spring tide, getting her clothes soaking wet and not caring. Happy times... :o)

Lavender hearts said...

She's gorgeous!! I love ginger cats!

prettyshabby said...

oh what a sweetie..I want to squeeze her shes so cute!

Griffin said...

She's such a gorgeous cat and Fistral is a good name for her too.

If you love gingerness in cats, have a look at;

They aren't longhairs like Fistral, but they are lovely.