Friday, 4 July 2008


how long does it take to do a tutorial !!

i have got everything started now i just to work out which order it all goes in and
then write out a full description to try and follow and make sure it makes sense !!

So heres a few shots of what i have made lately

i love these loopy brooches ... so simple yet so pretty !!!

and another funky flower !!

Im really tired today i have done three swimming sessions this week and helped with Kittys class as well
ok i know i get paid for the swimming assistant now and it is a job as such
but it was hard work this week getting back into it !!
I now need to save up to get lessons myself to get me through my lifeguard training
and for my swimming assistant level 1&2
I do want to teach swimming eventually part time of course so i can still do
from the hands of kitty eden
anyway i want to try and blog about all the great things i have had lately
and about my gorgeous gifts for my 40th birthday from Vanessa


JuicyFig said...

thanks for the comment! I love the colours you have used in the flower - gorgeous!!!
Will keep going with the market stall - I think...


Jackie said...

teaching swimming is one of the best jobs there is. I speak as a very late swimmer. I was 37 when I first took my feet off the bottom and would never have done it had I not had a wonderful confidence inspiring teacher. No-one and I repeat NO-ONE could be as scared as I was but I made up my mind and by the age of 38 I had done my silver medal, and now I have fulfilled my ambition of swimming in the clear blue Aegean sea, from a boat,several times and hope to do so again. You are doing a great job.LOOK!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Love the brooch. I've got some of that wool too - the colours are just fab :o)
Can't wait to see your goodies... and more Cornwall photos ;o)