Sunday, 15 June 2008

look at my lovely dolly

she is called Polly and apart for the two minutes i had her in my sticky little mitts
she has been on Kittys bed or in Kittys tight little grip and god help you if you try and take her away from her !!

i have to send a huge big sorry to Chloe i was doing so well with the doll swap she had organised and then we had the terrible shock of losing Amber the dog and it kind of put me behind with swaps and orders ... iam finally getting back to normal well normal for me !!

So my swap dolly will be on her way first thing on Tuesday morning
im helping on Kittys school trip tomorrow so i cannot get to post out anything !!

I hope Chloe will like her doll i have made !!

So heres me sending Chloe a huge big thank you and your dolls are fab
Kitty is sooooo very fussy about things and she adores Polly so you really are on to a winner !!


jennyflower said...

Hi, I'm sorry to ask again but could you give me your postal adress for the kitchen swap pretty please. We are off on hols on Sat and I'd like to post it before then, cheers. x

Chloe said...

Dont you worry at all.
It was a great swap and its been great to see everyones dolls.
I'm so pleased that Kitty likes it. Thats the best kind of feedback ever!
I have a feeling though that your parcel is sat at my PO!
I havent been able to get there to collect it!