Sunday, 15 June 2008

another day another update !!

Yes im doing a bit more to the website
im hoping to add some of the new things i have found or made !!
A lot more will be added after we get home

Yesterday i did a local school summer ( urm did i say summer ) fair
it was at a lovely little school the people were soooo very freindly which makes the whole thing a pleasure , i have already put my name down for their next fair !!
The weather wasn't very good it did the usual Derbyshire start of sunny and then a rain shower then hail then windy and then a bit if sun again ... what joy !!
I had some good sales despite the odd weather and have also had some enquiries for other things dont want to give anything away yet but it could be very exciting for me and my ickle business !!

Then i had to rush off to do some holiday shopping
today we have done yet another car boot and we still seem to have tons of stuff
i suppose the fact that i keep buying things while im there may not help !!
I did get some lovely fabric bits and some more dishes and a little bike for Kitty to practise on !!

I will add photos soon just have to work out how to get them off my phone ... oh Chrisssy !!

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