Wednesday, 21 May 2008

playing tag !!

Yep ive been tagged again !!

Thanks first to The lovely Ethel and Edna's tearoom
and now to Laurie from 23 Beech hill ... why wont my links work ??

So do i do 2 separate ones or just do it once mmmm !!

Anyway here we go

1. What was i doing ten years ago

well i was extremely ( think beached whale size ) pregnant with my twin boys !!
I was a size 8 before i was pregnant and the boys were both a healthy 5lbs plus each
yep i was huge !!! I also managed to crack my pelvis while pregnant so it wasnt a dream pregnancy !!

2. 5 things on my to do list today

Ahhh lists my fave ;0)
  1. make at least 10 childrens bandannas
  2. brush and mop my kitchen floor
  3. wash some fabric
  4. list some things on ebay
  5. try and figure out a dress pattern in my new Japanese book !!
3. snacks i enjoy
now thats a hard one it would have to be urm ...
Chocolate or pringles depending on my mood !

4. things i would do if i were a billionaire
move to Cornwall ok i know thats a surprise ....
i would by a house that i have loved for years
it is right next to the beach at Constantine bay !!
Buy my children a house each !!
Go to New Zealand , Cambodia , China , Japan , Iceland , Canada
India to start with !!
Open some refuges for victims of domestic abuse !!
Of course i would give a big chunk to charity as well !!

oh i forgot buy myself a flip paint db7 and my lovely Chrissy the car of his dreams !!

5. places i have lived
Bridgnorth in Shropshire , Lytham st Annes in Lancashire , Preston in Lancashire
a few different places in Derbyshire

6. 6 people i want to know more about

urmmm im gonna have to think about this one and have a look who hasnt been tagged yet !!

Lets see i think i will tag
Katy ... im a ginger monkey
the very lucky to have bought a campervan .... Dotty designs !!
well thats two so far i will contact you soon but its nearly time for the school run

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tillyboo said...

DB7 ? Is that an Aston Martin?
Oh, they are just gorrrrgeous !!!