Friday, 23 May 2008


yep im on a countdown to my first small summer fair of the year
and also the re-launch of my new look website !!

I have taken a lot of things off the website and added some new pretty things
that are a bit more exclusive i think !!!

I have also been contacted by the business link to see if i needed anything
oooh yes please i need some help writing a press release and also a little fair help too !!
These are a great bunch of people and can provide you with all sorts of advice !!

Im hoping for a bit of nice weather so i can get out and take some shots of my new stock
i also have a pile of new old fabric to wash and iron . I love his bank holiday weekend there are always loads of car boot sales to find some more treasures !! I have a list of things i really want but i am a oh just buy it because you know you want it kind of girl ... much to poor old Chrissys's desperate pleas of do you really need that pile of junk ;0)
So i hope you all have a great weekend and i will catch up with my tag post this weekend and shock horror i have nearly done my PIF'S they just need a few finishing touches and they will be on their way !!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

hehehe A girl after my own heart. That is my car boot buying policy too. I just need an extension on the house to contain it all.

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck with everything, hope you get it all done.
And find lots of goodies at the boot fairs. And oh course youneed another pile of junk lol who doesn't hehe!

Catherine x

Cathy said...

Hope the weather is better with you than here - no booting opportunities in the pouring rain, unfortunately.
Cathy XX

Hilda May said...

hope u had a good time at the car boot and found lots of loot........raining hard down here so no car-booting :( your banner at the top of your blog,how did u do that?
Rachel x