Monday, 19 May 2008

Last weeks finds !!

I had a pretty hectic week last week
first and most important my wonderful son was 21
yes and my do o feel old now !!

So a huge big HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE x x x x

Sorry no pictures !!

On the Monday we went here

and then here

and then here

then on the way back to the train me and Cons went to Abakhan
and bought some more summery fabric ,
Cons loves fabric shopping and i have to say he has
very good taste !!

Tuesday is course day
i was pleased that my photos had turned out well

and was pleased with the new things that i have learnt already !!

after my course finishes i have about 45 mins to waste and luckily for me there are a couple of really good charity shops there !!
I didnt find anything in the first one but OMG the next one made up for it
i got a huge big piece of this

( sorry it needs ironing )
you see i said it was good
there were a few other nice bits of fabric for 50p yes i know it would of been rude not to buy them !!

The rest of the week was filled with lots and lots of sewing

to round the week of nicely i sat and did these on Saturday afternoon while watching the footy !!

So that was my week

on Sunday we went to the car boot again
photos about that later
or you can have a look at my flickr photos
which show some of the goodies or treasure as Kitty calls it !!


pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sara, your pics are really lovely, you must be top of the class !!
Great fabric finds, lucky you.
Sarah x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

OMG I had a bedspread in that material when I was a kiddie. How fab.
That photo of the valley over the fence is amazing! You are one clever lady.

tillyboo said...

Love the photo's !
I've tagged you. If you'd like, pop over to my blog and take a look.

Pipany said...

Morning Sara, and a late happy birthday to your son - mine is 25 and I feel ancient! Helps that the youngest is only two though!!!

The photos are lovely and I really like the things you are working on at the moment. great post xx

mollycupcakes said...

Happy 21st Birthday to your oldest.
Lovely photos hun and beautiful fabrics. Loving the birdies very cute.


Catherine x

Miss sew n sew said...

Looks like you've had some nice days out your photo's are great! The Paddington Bear Fabric is really nice. What part of Cornwall are you hoping to move to? Love it down there were off to St Ives on our hols soon!