Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sunny days !!

Well the weather is lovely isnt it ?

What a change in the E-W household not all for the best !!

Yes its the start of allergy season .. oh joy !!
This means days of sneezing and itching runny eyes and noses
Im sure lots of you know what i mean .. in this house we all get it !!

Anyway more exciting news my things are now for sale on a super website !

There are lots of nice things for sale
including some nice purses and brooches lol !!

pretty-things boutique

just because i have a little extra time now im not going into school so much
to help out i have signed up to another short course !!
From next week i shall be a photography student ... yay !!

Yesterday's tally
2 purses cut out and sewn
2 hrs housework
1 hr in the garden weeding
Children in bed by 7.30


tillyboo said...

Fab purse, love the mix of fabric and applique.
I completely, totally sympathise with the hayfever thing. I was in a real mess yesterday with it so I'm off to the chemist to buy every single hayfever related medication I can get my hands on.
It's tree pollen that gets me.
Miserable isn't it.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I'm just keeping everything crossed so I never develop the dreaded complaint.
hehehe Love the "catty-piddler" purse. He's very cute.
So are you another Moomin fan then?... I'm going to have to find the books and read them again after all this blogging.
So far have used THE wool as hair for a doll but it's a secret cuz she's part of a swap that I'm only posting off today.

Andrea said...

Love the Bags!!
Your Web Site is looking fab too!!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh such lovely things, I love that cutie of a purse.
Alison x

Linnea A said...

Wow :o) you had a really productive day yesterday!! Nice job!! I loved the purses...they were so bright, fun, and colorful. Have a beautiful Wednesday!!