Monday, 21 April 2008

Have you ??

Been and had a look at the Northern belles blog yet if not
what are you waiting for ... go now
Well no stop here a minute first and see what ive been upto !!

My darling girlie has put a post on here
just a few posts down
she has made a doll and would love to swap with any girlies out there if you want to swap
please ask your Mum first !!!

right ok you can go now
im off to take some photos ... i only need to find some nails !!!


Pipany said...

Gawd woman do you ever stop?!!! Make me feel positively lazy (oh, perhaps I am then!!!) xx

Thimbleanna said...

That's sure a cute sewing picture. I wish I had a little girl to trade dollies with Sherrie!

odd dotty said...

I have a daughter who would like to swap. Only we are across the sea in America. Would your girl want to swap with an American?