Sunday, 20 April 2008

We sew

Yes we have been sewing
Sherrie loves to use my old sewing machine ... shes made a doll you know
check out the post below this one and if you would like to swap with her that would be great
Go on you know you want too !!

Anyway back to the sewing ..
the boys are doing sewing at school so we decided to get some practise in !!
And today even Conns had a go on the machine ...
photos to follow when hes finished his master piece !!

Me well i managed 3 hours housework and cut out 2 things !!

Lucky me i managed to get some yummy vintage fabric from my future MIL
and some old pattern books as well
I think it amuses her the way i yell with excitement everytime she finds some fabric for me !!

The rest of the day was food shopping , visiting my eldest boy and getting ready for school !!

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