Sunday, 27 April 2008

Did someone say bee

Thats a bit of a coincidence because guess what i did last night

This is Kitty's bee
she got all inspired to draw
a bee as Chrissy has been taking some great shots of bees in our back garden !!

I had specific instructions on the colour scheme
and " mummy you must use some of that pretty pink and orange flower fabric "
After i had stopped sulking ...
you see the pink and orange fabric is a little piece of vintage fabric
that i love and dont want to think about what i will do when it runs out !!

This bee took me most of the evening to cut out and bondaweb
and i still have to sew it yet .... i did cut out some other things as well
as write the weekly list of jobs and a little chocolate eating !!

This tree was another thing ... this one is going on a mini picture im making

and this odd looking thing will be a caravan

sorry the photos are a bit blurry its dark here and the lights very poor !!


acorn and will said...

Such cute images! You must be incredibly patient to cut like that - I would be swearing at my scissors pretty early on - look forward to seeing the finished articles!


prettyshabby said...

these are lovely..hope we get to see the finished articles too!

pink-petal-designs said...

Love them Sara.

Pipany said...

They look great Sara; sounds like you have a new way of working. Hurry up and show us the results xx

odd dotty said...

I love the caravan! It is just so full of polka-dotty goodness!