Tuesday, 25 March 2008

For Monda

well i got here just fine ....
mr postie was very kind and didnt try to squidge me through
the letterbox of this strange fabric filled place !!

I met some nice chap called Jonesy he seems to like it here ..
even if they do make him work rather hard !!
Then i found all this

its a fabric mountain ... but look whats at the top !!

The lady of the house calls it her secret

chocolate hiding place ;0)

after all that im of for a rest !!

I think im settling in just fine !!


A huge big thank you for this cute little bunny and the stickers
and the yummy chocolate ....
thanks , thanks thanks !!!

1 comment:

monda-loves said...

You're very welcome - he (or she?) looks like they are having a fab time at your house. Can I come and live in your fabric stash cupboard too? - it looks great in there :o)