Sunday, 17 February 2008

Finally ....

im starting to feel human again !!

I have managed to make a little bag today

just like this one ..... i love these little bags !!
i hoping lots will sell with Mothers day coming up !!
Im hoping to get some more sewing done tonight if i can stop sneezing long enough ;0)

Tomorrow is my lovely Chrissy's birthday so were all off for a nice walk
and a little shopping maybe !

Sara x

I shall be adding lots more things to my ebay shop over the next few days !!!


mollycupcakes said...

Happy birthday to your Chrissy, I hope you have a lovely day.
And that your feeling better.


Catherine x

lupin cottage designs said...

I love this bag so perfect for my niece. I'm now off to ebay to put my bid in.