Tuesday, 5 February 2008

another tick !!

another thing on the website !!

But my OCD's have kicked in with the latest piece of bunting
and im just finishing un-picking it again .... sorry Vanessa i know i said i wouldnt !!!

i cannot help it its like my need to go back and check ive locked the
back door everytime i go out or the need to get up 5 mins after ive gone to bed to check on the kids again even though ive only just been in to check on them ....
i have lots more but then im sure im not the only one !!


Angela-Brambleberries said...


There's one of your weird things to list already, but don't worry I'm sure your OCD's are no worse than mine.

Just catching up on your recent blogs and sending warm thoughts re your dad, I lost mine when I was 15 and am b****y angry sometimes that things worked out that way, I'm sure that wherever he is he is very proud!

Ang xx

Pipany said...

Hello Sara, juat having a massive catch up on blogs - soooo behind!. Thanks for your comments on mine too; they were really helpful and I do appreciate it. So sorry to read of your Dad - I was very close to mine too and his death took me quite a few years to come to terms with. Now I can think of him with a smile instead of a tight throat; you'll get there just give it time.
As for someone copying your brooch - that sucks! I know there is a certain amoun t of similarity in a lot of handmade goods which can't be avoided, but blatant copying has no excuse. What about sending a message (though I suspect there isn't much point)?
Chat soon xx

Katy said...

Blooming heck, I can't keep up with your posts since you became so regular!!!
Anyway...there's a sneak peek of your PIF on my blog later on today..wasn't going to show it but I think after the ebay incident you might need a cheer up :) Can't believe someone has done that too, how GRRRRRRR!!!!
What else? Bunting is fab fab fab - well done.
So sorry to read about your dad, I can't imagine how awful it is to be without him (in fact I'm getting a bit weepy thinking about it...so I'll ssh!)
Ok, so come over at lunchtime and have a peek ;)