Friday, 14 December 2007

Starting to feel a little panicky !!

Im a little stressed to say the least !!
I have lists coming out of my ears ,
its absolutely freezing here and i have swimming this afternoon ...
it is the last one before xmas so thats making it seem slightly better !!

I have tons of sewing still to do , my website wont update properly and i still have so much to do round the house before i even think about putting the xmas decs up
so im stressed tired and getting slightly grumpy !!

I had planned to do two yes two more fairs this weekend but i stopped the other day and thought sod it , im not making myself ill with all the extra sewing and the fact i have only got a couple of pressies bought and really do need to get out to the shops !!

So i shall be writing another list for my trip to Macclesfield tomorrow
dragging my poor kids out of bed early and hitting the shops .... wish me luck !!

I only have two more orders to finish to courier out on Tuesday
oh and two to deliver on Monday and then ive done yay !!!
Then its Christmas preparations all the way !!

Sara x


Clare said...

Good luck with your lists. I have just finished my Christmas shopping this afternoon and I must say I am very relieved!

Vanessa said...

Oh no not more lists. I am just making one as we speak/blog! Hope you did not freeze too much after swimming.

saraeden said...

OMG it was freezing .... i have been doing the swimming for ages now and i have never felt that cold before !!!
Sara x

mollycupcakes said...

Bless sweetie, you're get there and it will all fall into place for you.
Keep plugging away at the lists and let out a little cheer when you finsh each item lol sounds mad but it works hehe!
Good luck with the shopping.
Merry Christmas.
Catherine x

vintage twist said...

Oh dear it does sound as if you have an awful lot on your palte at the moment. Merry Christmas to you.