Monday, 17 December 2007

Monday ...

woke early feeling ready for the day ahead !!

Sorry lets start that again
woken up by fidgity hubs full of another cold
could i possibly get him a drink and some cold tablets so that they would start to work before he gets up ... yeah why not its not like i need the sleep !!
Crawl back to bed for 20 mins praying time would stand still till at least a week on Friday !!
prayers didnt work ... never mind ... drag self out of bed ... listening to himself moaning that his work clothes havent dried
Next few minutes are un printable believe me !!
get kids up ... give kids uniforms ... start daily negotiations ... apply for job in the UN ...
it would be easier to do !!

Wash and dress self
sort out drying in the wonder machine that obviously chucks out pre-folded clothes ...
my a*#e it does
yes kids i do that as well just in case your reading my blog instead of doing your homework !!
all this and not a drop of tea has passed my lips yet
pack lunches ... find swimming kit school reading bags and lunch bags
fold clothes ... dump clothes on bed
Tea at last ... no time to check emails and orders before school run
oh did i mention eldest girl off school ill !!
clean teeth ... try and make myself look human ... time for that new coat Yay !!
Two goes to get out the door and were off and walking
drop kids at school
Visit local fabric shop
and then im on the home run
more tea more sewing
hang some washing out and feeling that its going to be a good day

phone rings "Chrissy here i think ive broken my thumb"
next few hours visiting two hospitals and quick dash to the shop while hes waiting to be seen
Yes thumb is broken ... some men will do anything to get out of building flat-pack furniture !!!
So now its only an hour before the kids have to be picked up
Sew like a women possessed
pick kids up
sew some more ... sort some more washing !!!
feed kids
sort pasta for Tuesdays lunch ...
twins on a trip must try to find something nice for them to eat to take with them !!!
Sit at computer and whinge about my day

Lifes back to normal here :0)
Sara x x


Angela-Brambleberries said...


It feels like our lives are mirror images of each other, except swap the sewing machine for a paint brush but I bet our other machines are the same (how come all the white goods belong to us but the bar-b-q belongs to them??) someone needs to get a wriggle on with a cloning machine!!

Have a great Christmas...

Angela xx

acorn and will said...

I know that feeling, am hosting 10 inlaws for Christmas and my life is one big list. I'm holding on for Boxing Day when I have a house full of food and a grateful husband! Good luck with the rest of your list! Jennifer

Picture it in Stitches said...

Keep going .... you're nearly there !!!! Sarah xx

adam brown said...
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