Friday, 2 November 2007

This shoud be my 100th

post but i some how managed to delete the wrong posts !!
I wanted to get rid of those i had written and then changed my mind
but due to lack of sleep and children nagging while im on the putor
i am back to 96 posts instead !!!!!
Oh well it will give me time to get some photos taken
and something finished to giveaway for no 100!!

I have been sooo busy sewing wholesale orders and getting some stock done for me that ive not even been visiting my blog and website like i normally do ....

so if you have left me a comment ... Thank you and i will pop by and say hello soon !!

b# also had a bit of an accident last night so i have a child home from school again today ,
he is ok ish but has a nasty lump on his head !!!

Sorry for the short post but i just wanted to say a quick ... Hello !!!
But now i must say bye 4 now
Oh i have also managed to stick loads in my ebay shop , so if you fancy a bargain !!!

Sara x


Cathy said...

You sound so busy! Hope the bump goes down soon, and you manage to keep sewing. I love the bunny!
Cathy XX

Thimbleanna said...

Cute little bunny -- is that a giveaway hint? LOL.

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Sara,
Sorry to hear about Brandon, hope he's better now. Why do they always bang their little heads? I sometimes think my two need pink crash helmets hehe!
Well done on the orders, your items are just lovely. Hope you do very well this christmas.
I'll be checking out the Ebay items, I just love a bargain.
Catherine x