Sunday, 4 November 2007

kids ...

B# is feeling much better thanks everyone for the get better wishes !!
It does seem like theres always one of them with some kind of illness or injury !!
Im a bit accident prone so maybe they take after me !!

I am sewing like mad as i have orders to finish and some commissions to do
and a few orders to finish from my website ....
please bear with me if your waiting i am gettin there honest !!!

I am also getting my stock done for a big market i am doing more details soon !!

These photos are of a recent order i have finished ... i love the birdies in the top photo !!
I hope they are big sellers for the lovely lady who has ordered them x x

Anyway back to work i will try to be a good girl and blog a bit more and keep you up to date on my progress ....
i also have tons of photos to show and lots to tell !!

Hope youve all had a great weekend
Sara x x x


Cathy said...

Your stuff is looking great - I am sure it will be a big seller. I love the strawberries in particular!
Cathy XX

mollycupcakes said...

well done with you're orders they look lovely.
The little birds are very cute.
Glad Brandon is better.
And that you had a nice weekend.


Catherine x

Clang Clang said...

Oooh fab flowers, and those birds are so sweet. Right there with you with the sickly children - my sympathy is fast running out, along with the calpol x

Katy said...

i love birds, so those are right up my street!!!! I am also rather fond of the little bunny on your previous post - she's a cutie!!!! :)