Sunday, 25 November 2007

Still feelin yucky !!!

This cold has really floored me and the girls so we are going to do the draw for the giveaways on Monday !!

Hope you have all had a good weekend

Sara x


mollycupcakes said...

Oh Honey I hope you and the family get better very soon. These colds just seem to last longer these days. I've had one for over a week and it's a very painful sore throat now.
I think I'm a little run down but will soon be back on top as will you all be.
Keep warm and cosy sweetie.
Get well hugs.
Catherine x

Angela-Brambleberries said...


So sorry you are still feeling poorly, last thing you need at this time of year. Try an oil burner with lavendar, t tree and eucalyptus I swear by it apparantly it's an old sick room remedy, worth a try.

Angela xx

PS I have passed your details onto my friend re the rag dolls.