Friday, 23 November 2007

I so want to ...

buy handmade this Christmas but as i have two nine year old boys and a twelve year old female Kevin im going to struggle !!
So im going to have to buy some things that are not handmade ....
we dont do the tacky cheap gifts any way
and we tend to get the boys more shall we say educational but fun toys as they are still a way behind with the school levels
( there in years 4/5 but their work level is shall we say way below that )
and anything that helps them works for me !!
we also buy lots of books which are then passed down the family and then passed onto the charity shop .
If anybody has any handmade ideas for boys please let me know

Im also feeling a bit better today and feel like doing some sewing so thats what im off to do
oh and i shall be getting my darling eldest girlie to do the draw today
so you still have time to leave me a comment no matter where your from
near or far lurker or regular visitor i would love to hear from you !!

Sara x

Oh and the strawberry has nothing at all to do with todays post ... i just felt (sorry) like showing it again


Samantha said...

Hi Sarah,
hope you are feeling better soon.

What about a pencil case or hot water bottle for the boys?

Not terribly educational I know, but they could be handmade?

Angela-Brambleberries said...


How about a door plaque (notice the plug there!) but seriously boys are a lot harder to buy for girls are happy with bags, cushions etc... perhaps the handmade pledge will have to exclude the boys for a few years!!

Angela xx

saraeden said...

the boys are really into space and are having telescopes etc but im going to try and make them something .... thanks for ideas !!

If you have anymore please let me know :0)

Sara x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I haven't visited for ages - hope you're feeling better now & I love your strawberry!