Tuesday, 14 August 2007

so i must say..

sorry for the lack of posts its been an odd few days here !!
things have been shall we say..... strained here lately
but after a long chat we have cleared the air and were back on track .. i hope !!!
so what else have we been up to
well we did a litttle shopping, a little bit of sewing and
on friday we had a day out to Buxton to meet Sarah from pink petal designs
and her very well behaved lovely children
not like my little darlings who were a bit hyper shall we say
i have to say one of my boys is hyperactive so i will let him off
but twin two is just plain cheeky !!
so we had a little look at the shops and as it was a lovely day
we went to the beautiful pavillion gardens
Sarah and i had a chat while the kids ran round
after a quick picnic and some more running round
a bit of duck feeding and a bit of drama with a pram !!!

it was time for some serious playing on the proper playground and the swings
as usual when your having fun .. time just flew by
it was time to say our goodbyes and thankyous for the lovely gifts .

Now i dont drive so we went for the bus home
a quick ten minute trip which takes us down the goyt valley but
as normal for me we missed the bus ...
so after a trip to whsmiths for my copy of coast and some pva glue
we went back to the park for a paddle .. the kids not me !!

and then home on the bus x x x


sarah said...

ypur pics look lovely, i really enjoyed our day in the park and your children are lovely , kitty is a little ray of sunshine !
Both mine fell asleep all the way home, so it was just me and the country roads with a few cows n sheep along the way, such lovely views !

Picture it in Stitches said...

sounds like you had a lovely time !! So pleased you've got things sorted. Sarah xx