Wednesday, 15 August 2007

more pretties ...

my machine and me have called a truce on zips !!
for some reason my little sewing machine has never really liked to do zips
but after days off tweaking this is what we came up with ..

and then because were on a roll we made this one and a brown posy fabric one too

mr postie also brought me these today they have travelled along way
and im sooo pleased to see them ....

we have flower buttons

cherries ( sorry for the crappy photo i need a new camera )

these lovely apples

and finally these very funky chunky strawberries

they are to go in my ebay shop with some beads i have for sale
and some patchwork fabric pieces .... i may have to keep a few for myself ;0)


i will post the results from the bag draw tommorow
sorry its a bit late !!!

i was waiting for a little bit of sunshine to take the photo !!!

Sara x


Samantha said...

Well done on conquering the zip.

That's something I need to do too.

mollycupcakes said...

Oww the buttons are so pretty and bright and summery.
I'll pop on Ebay and have a look.

Well done sweetie

Catherine x

Mia said...

Hi there Sara, and thanks for visiting my blog! I came in yours and you have beautiful pictures here! I just love these buttons! I will be popping in later again!