Wednesday, 1 August 2007

look what i found in the lettuce patch ..

i caught this little bunny trying to hide in my garden
first she was in the lettuce patch ..( but the photo of her eating the lettuce wont load !)
i managed to sneak up on her sat by the steps
to the lawn
i think she was hiding because shes lost her clothes
hey it can happen .. if you saw my ironing piles you would now what i mean
yes i did say piles ... really i should say baskets .. all 3 of them !!!
little miss rabbit is from an old pattern i found when having a tidy out
Chrissy says she looks a bit butch ... like a rabbit on steroids !!!
i am going to make her some pretty dresses today its
easier than trying to find something in the ironing .....
i may make her some friends
to play with but you know how rabbits can breed i may end up with
more than i need ... ok Kitty
iam nearly at my 50th post so watch out for another giveaway
Sara x

new ebay shop open !!

miss bunny is fully dressed on my other blog

just follow the link over in the side panel ....


sarah said...

wow, i love what you found in youe lettuce patch Sara.

Vanessa said...

Cover that bunny up!!

I have just shown Eve the bunny, she has given it her seal of approval (she is a bunny expert).

Vanessa x

Angel Jem said...

That is a cute bunny! Please show us her with clothes on, too, won't you?

Daisy Decor said...

She's so sweet!