Monday, 30 July 2007

happy sunny days ...

so today we went for a little walk ... all the way from Edale up Kinder !!
its a place me and Chrissy love but this was the first time all of us have walked up .
Edale is a lovely .... im sure i would be more inspired if i lived there but
theres not much chance of that !!
so here are a few photos i took

what a breath taking view of Kinder

my mountain goats !!
glad to be at the top ... you can see for miles up here !!!

me happily staring into space ...
i could spend hours up here but as we had only put a few hours on the car parking ticket
it was time to walk back down !!

why do my little babys curls look so great ...
me i look like ive been dragged through a hedge ... twice !!!
it was a great day out and something we dont do often enough .. like most people !!
im lucky my kiddies love to walk ....
Kitty loves churches so i had to take these photos ..
it is such a pretty church , just perfect for a summer wedding !!!

i hope you all had a lovely weekend
Sara x


Sarah said...

What lovely pictures! Looks like a great trip.

Vanessa said...

Oh your so lucky, it looks lovely. I would not be fit enough to get up that big hill!!

Vanessa x

Holly said...

I looks so peaceful...