Saturday, 7 July 2007

so far so good !!!

(a lovely photo of Cornwall for a bit of inspiration !!)
i have been sooo busy since we got back from our hols

and now we have had the mad idea about a shop ..see my last post !!!
so im busy checking stuff out , finding out the boring details costs etc
looking at the competition and
finally finding stock ..... so come on you talented lot get in touch please


i want to stock things that cannot be found in any old shop ,
things that people will love and cherish ... you getting the picture !!!
i could go on and on but i really must go make some more of these

so if your even a little bit interested leave me a message or just keep popping back

to see how were getting on

hope to hear from you soon ... Sara x x


buttercup & roses said...

Good luck with the shop, sounds like a great idea...
Your going to have such fun!!Jennifer.

Andrea said...

Good luck with the shop, I run my business on-line just, but have often thought that a little shop would be nice!! If you need assitance stocking up, let me know!! Regards Andrea x