Monday 13 October 2014


No words just a quick reminder about our fab fair!

I am up to my ears in fair prep and sewing so short bloggings maybe the only way for me to stay in the loop!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Starting to get ready for silly season

We have always called the build up to Christmas silly season, it is a non stop cannot get off whirlwind of fairs, making, more fairs and so on and so forth!

I swear each year i will start early, every year i fail at this but with the new bigger workshop area, production is speeding along!

We have a bit of a new mix of colours and loads of vintage fabrics thrown in as well, so as they say watch this space.

Tomorrow i am off to Newark for a bit of Christmas stock buying, hoping to find some lovely Amish stars!!

Will share my finds with you x

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ta da!

Ok so i had all intentions of blogging loads but things have been crazy here!

For a start my long suffering man has left his job to join us in the business, it was a huge scary step but the only way to move forward was with two of us running the shop, website and buying!

We are on  to our second month now and we have done so much, we have booked lots of fairs, bought loads of fab events and .....

It is very exciting and something i have wanted to do for ages, so now i have joined forces with my friends at and look we have planned a fair already!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

starting a new

I have had this blog for what seems like forever, it has been a way to record my life a little but like many i have not shared much of the downside and just tried to keep it all happy and shiny.

After last year and the loss of my friend i knew that life was far too short worrying about others and how they back bite, so i am moving on and making this blog just a place for me to come and waffle about pretty stuff and fluffy bunnies etc

So my work blog will be over bridgemont vintage.blogspot

Do pop over and say hi over there... it will be fun when it gets going!

Saturday 17 May 2014

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Stretching it!

Good old fashioned advertising makes me smile!

Tuesday 13 May 2014


My daily commute... it makes me smile whatever the weather!

Friday 9 May 2014

Happy day 1

Gorgeous vintage rose fabric, what's not to love x