Saturday, 19 April 2014

A thought

Slacking with the blogging again.. so busy running a shop and a busy home of 4 children, 3 cats and a man!

Life and days whoosh by, i often think oooh i will blog but then something else pops up!

So my thought for today is how busy life is... running your own shop is more than a full time job!
Our whole world revolves around the shop, not just the opening everyday, yet have a day off and everyone notices and comments!
I wonder how many who have a job working for someone else would work 7 days a week 16 hours a day for very little pay.. no day off no paid holidays, yes i choose to do this but it would be nice if people think before they tell you you should be open all the time!

Even our days off are usually about catching up with banking and admin, searching out new stock and chasing up post and couriers.

Don't get me wrong i love doing this but do spare a thought, it is not all fun and an easy option... far from it.

Tonight i will be updating my fb pages, the blog, twitter, pinterest and instagram, searching for fairs to go too and of course sourcing more vintage stock.

That's another thing, we only sell true vintage.. it has to be sourced by building up contacts, getting up at stupid o'clock to search around in the cold, wet dark corner of a muddy field or sometimes just by luck.
There is no vintage fairy... wish there was some mornings when i have to drag my aching bones out into the cold ;)
This isn't a whinge or me being grumpy, it is just what is in my head now a bit of a look into my life! I don't want praise or thanks you's, i get the biggest buzz ever when someone finds that perfect thing in the shop and takes it away to give it a forever home.

Right i have a cup of tea and a chink of rocky road with my name on.. shall try and be a better blogger!

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