Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back at it! Blogging that is!

Well my life has been a whirlwind over the past few months in fact this year has been crazy!
Were do i start, well early in January after a chance comment i met a new friend, he (yes people he is a man) was like a mirror image of myself, sick of the lack of opportunities for small local crafts people and people like me... struggling to take that step up!

His business was way ahead of mine but he wanted to dip his toe into retail just like me!
I had worked my socks off with the wholesale side of Kittyeden but i was shattered, my house was a tip constantly and there was no life balance so retail was the only way.
Lots of conversations followed and plans made then work got in the way and plans got put on hold!
But not being the types to be kept down we found a little unit with a double front and lots of parking, now we are not on the high street (yet) but we have a wonderful setting, views across he Derbyshire hills and more of all a little spot that we call our shop!

Tomorrow we have been open 12 weeks, it has been scary and i couldn't have done it with out my families support especially my wonderful fiance Christopher, he has a lot to put up with!
So there you go, just see what a chance meeting can bring you.


Rhona said...

Congratulations! What brilliant news...wishing you every success.

Emma Wigginton said...

so pleased for you, just wish I could see it! you'll have to post lots of photos! Emmax

VintagePleasure said...

Where is your shop Sara? Looks lovely!

VintagePleasure said...

Where is your shop Sara? It looks lovely!