Saturday, 27 April 2013

Not just about the sewing

It has taken a long time for me to work somethings out!
What is classed as work and what is just slacking off!

Work for me was sewing, sewing and more sewing.... anything that wasn't sewing was just time wasted as well, i wasn't sewing!

Being a little business means more than just the sewing.
It means wearing many different heads, today was my business development head day, yesterday was my buyers head day!
Sometimes being self employed means you have to justify every single thing you do and moment you spend.... that is to those that don't get self employed folk! There are lots of us around....  small tiny micro businesses like myself and many of my bloggy friends.

I had a bit of a meeting today, more of a nice chat but it was work! We talked future plans and ideas and such like. I came home and sat and thought about what we had chatted about and am just about to write a bit of a list so i don't forget what was discussed.

Yesterday i sat and ordered new fabric and ribbons, looked for vintage buttons on ebay and then walked to do the postage and called in at the charity shop and found some lovely silky threads and fabric.
My afternoon was filled with research and working on new designs.

Are you seeing where i am going with all this.... if you are doing something for the business then it is work, it is not just larking around. Not that i don't enjoy shopping for fabric or hunting for vintage pieces.

This small business lark is hard enough, long hours, little pay but to also have people thinking you are just messing around ;)

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Rhona said...

Being self employed is harder than most people think! Hope all your plans work out - good luck!