Tuesday, 25 December 2012

So after all the fuss..

The big day is finally here and yes as per usual my silly alllegies have kicked in.. my own fault really!
Bit of a long story but after spending hours wrapping the kidlets presents then not being able to find two of their stockings i had to make do and pop the Christmas morning pj's and some early morning choccy in some big gift bags i had.
So trying to be quiet as a little Christmas mouse on my way up the stairs, i stood on the cat! She shot up in the air i swore and the eldest girl laughed!

So i managed to get the bags on the end of beds and then felt sorry for the poor cat so i let her sleep on my bed... big mistake! I am now sneezey weezy and snotty and no they are not three of seven dwarves!!

So my lovely bloggy mates i wish you a very Merry Christmas and i shall see you very soon xx

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Clare said...

Oh my the things we do on Christmas eve to get the job done. I hope you, the cat and the family have a peaceful, Happy Christmas.