Saturday, 29 December 2012

45 not out

So yesterdays blog may have been a bit cryptic but todays may give a bit more away!

I am 45 this year *runs around the house screaming*  then *panics and runs a bit more*

Yes in all that is holy how did that happen!
I suddenely felt old this past few weeks, i felt tired and my hair is more grey than  normal, my skin seems more wrinkly and pasty looking! i hate my clothes and i look in the mirror and there is this strange old person looking back at me.... waaaahhh!

Yes i have got the mid forty blues, everything seemed a chore and lets just say family life wasn't the happiest!

But i have put my big wolly socks and pulled them right up, i have given myself a good talking too, a bit of a slap and more over i have listened to some of my amazing friends.

So as no one else is going to change my life for me i better get of my arse and do it myself!

Brace yourself folks there are going to be some changes!


Josie said...

45? you youngsters! I'm 49 next year!

VintageBettys said...

Remember... it's just a number...I'm 52 and I realize that it is what is on the inside that matters..and I try to make everyday count...doing something positive. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful New Year!

Sue Vaughan said...

I turned 45 in August. I too had a little of the blues but it is only a number and I look in my mirror now from a distance and my reflection doesn't look as bad lol. Sue x

daisy daydreams said...

I think hitting the 40's is sometimes really hard. I guess you have to look around you and say, hey, things arent too bad. My little boy suffers from childhood arthritis and I do sometimes have to pull myself together (I am 40) and say, I am here for him. I love my crafting and am going to be far more organised this year. Chin up, have a large glass of wine and toast yourself to just been