Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hello *taps screen*

Sorry for yet another month of radio silence!
Not planned as always but these things happen!

Life and work are manic, i am sewing like a mad thing.

Christmas is in full swing here and the website is lovely a busy, this is such a relief as you may know i am the only wage earner in the family so these things matter!

Right i shall give myself a swift kick up the bum, trawl the tinterweb for other swappsies ideas and get back to you!

My thoughts so far are
  •  a cute handmade gift or card! 
  • a bit of choccy or sweeties with an xmassy theme
  • a bit of a treat or little pressie  keeping under £5 in cost
  • something recycled, vintage or found
What do you think so far... i am quite flexible on postage dates as i know how life gets but how about the 5th of December maybe... right now to look for ideas and info! Rules and regs and all that!

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