Thursday, 30 August 2012

Saying it as it is

I haven't blogged for ages and to be brutally honest i am not sure if i shall carry on blogging at all!

Life here is pretty sh*t at the moment, our life is being mad a misery by some people who live on the same small estate as us and to be truthful i am just about ready to give up.

I always want my blog to be cheery and a pretty place but life really isn't like that.
Life is hard and difficult and a struggle, people see you are doing ok and want to kick you down to their base level.
People want to lie and steal and make others life hell and sadly there is nothing the authorities can do about because all you get told is it's 50 50 or you are lying! The scumbag drug dealing thieves always win!

There is nothing you can do, you tell the truth and try and do your best to bring your family up well but at the end of the day the scumbags always win.

So until things change i shall be a bit quiet, work is a struggle... being creative is nearly impossible when you have all this going on plus i have to go into hospital to have my knee fixed so i am not my usual chirpy self.

I have loved blogging, i have made some fab friends and had some amazing support and for all this i thank you

Sara xx


Nadine Thomas said...

Sorry to hear things are crappy at the mo. I hope things improve soon for you and your family. It can't be much fun living in those conditions. xx

saraeden said...

Thanks Nadine, it is such a shame as it is a really lovely place to live but this family have been moved here and have caused nothing but misery since they moved in.

Funkymonkey said...

I have neighbours who made my life hell a few years ago. Things are better now, although they are still there and we could do without them. It's a horrible situation to be in. I hope things improve for you soon.


Joy said...

Oh dear, I do feel for you. We too live on a very small mostly private development of really lovely people. However, there is a small proportion of the required housing association properties and they have always been lovely. In the last year a so called family has moved in and the place is changed (not just me that says it). Not on the level that yours seems to be but as the kids are young and a nightmare, I just wonder how it will be as they get older. Bit of a cliche, but hang in there. I do believe in karma and they will probably trip up eventually. xx

Vixanne said...

Really sorry you're having such a rotten time. I realy hope things get better for you and your family, and I wish you a speedy recovery for your knee op. I do hope eventually things improve enough for you to return to your blog because you'll be sorely missed by many. xx

Liz said...

Sorry things are so tough for you at the moment - I hope the situation improves soon. Thinking of you x

The Custards said...

Sincerely wish for better times just around that corner coming into view
Best wishes