Monday, 20 February 2012

funny old day...

so today started ok!

(i made some of these too and a few new designs)

Youngest girlie was back at school today, the elder teens had an inset day
and for once i managed to get them in the right order... with them at 3 different schools it can get a tad confusing!
I tidied round, got even more washing done (after spending Sunday washing, drying and folding)
Did a little paper work, chatted and tweeted while writing lists for this week.
Trotted off to Tesco... lordy i dislike shopping like you wouldn't believe but anyway shopping done and homeward bound some numpty backed right into the side of us.
I have never heard a bang so loud next to my head, i felt the car jump and then it all went wrong... swapping details, phone call after email and some shouting at each other and anyone in despair!
So now we have to find £550 excess
Happy flipping Monday

At least tomorrow is pancake day :o))))

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