Sunday, 26 February 2012

about Kittyeden

for those of you that have put up with my rambling and rants and so forth you may want to click away now..

I have applied for some funding and need 450 votes to get it!
So i thought a little blog post about me may help people decide if they want to help me with a vote...
I started the business when K went to primary school.. i started with £200
i made cards and bags every minute i could as well as re training as a teaching assistant at the same time just to edge my bets

So i was doing 2/3 courses at the same time as running a new business
It was hard work but i past my courses with flying colours
At this point the business was starting to take off and had to make a choice
so the TA thing went on the back burner but it was good to know it was there.

I have spent the past 3 years supporting C while he was at uni
now he has finished i am supporting all the family with my business and to grow Kittyeden i need some help

So there you go a quick (not so) post about why i need a little help...
I have no rich hubby with a wonderful job... just a clapped out old climber with knackered knees!
I have 4 children at home who drain money from me on a daily basis (i love them really)
My business really did start on the kitchen table... in fact i pinched the kitchen table to work off and it is still in my workroom now!
I did get a £25 special from Ikea to feed the family on (this also now doubles as a cutting and packaging table when times are busy)

So please please help me get the funding, i really do need it x


The Krafty Cupcake said...

Just voted - good luck Sue x

Pipany said...

Will vote now x

Once Upon a Time in the North said...

Hi...just voted for ya! Good luck!

LittlemouseLilly said...

already voted - good luck x

saraeden said...

Thanks everyone it really means a lot to get the votes x

Pene said...

Keep plugging away I'm sure you'll get there. I voted yesterday.

Ps thanks for taking the word verification off I have a bit of a thing about it!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Just voted for ya chuck xx