Tuesday, 10 January 2012

is applique the new black

or is it turning into last years cupcake?
What the hell i am on you maybe thinking!

Well sometimes i do get a little miffed when people say
oh you use applique how on trend.... arghhh i want to say
on trend my a*se i have been doing applique in one way or another since i was at school
and that was a an age ago!
But it does make you think, is it all another fad?
Will people go off it... like flares!
Will i be not on trend next year
Will the applique and free machine embroidery bubble burst
Me i shall carry on if it does, lets be honest i enjoy what i do
and like they said people would get fed up with cupcakes but honestly... have they?
I know i haven't :o)


MelMel said...

I think ppl like to be snooty and feel like they are "following" a trend...if you love doing it/making them....and it makes you happy....then let them be "trendy" because if fashion is that fickle...so must they be!

I've liked CK for ages....and now ppl say Oh it's a trend thing because of Kate Middleton having one of her bags.....so somehow I'm a copy cat!
I've been collecting and enjoying her home wares for over 10 yrs!
Ditto vintage stuff....it's not a fashion thing for me it's just what I like!

I love the things you make!
I really enjoy your blog!

It does make you want to go ggrrrrr sometimes though!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I know exactly what you mean, I was into shabby chic before it even had a yummy name!

saraeden said...

You see this is why i love you lot, you get what i am on about x

Dotty said...

What you make is beautiful and unique to you and as long as it makes you happy and people are buying it i wouldnt worry , cupcakes - owls - cath kidson seem to be out there year after year - enjoy i say !!!!