Friday, 13 January 2012

how much!!!!!

i am sure you have heard this as a designer maker, artisan (what ever you call yourself)!
I know i have a time or two but not as much as you would think!
So.... am i not charging enough?
I get told i need to charge more, more than i hear the that is too much
which i suppose means a wee price rise wouldn't hurt
or would it?
This is my full time job and it is was feeds, clothes and keeps a roof over out heads so i cannot afford to get it wrong and scare shopping folk away.
There is no rich hubs here to back me up if it goes t*ts up
not that i wouldn't mind one if anyone has a spare!!

So i stress and scribble lists of costs and how to keep prices affordable
but then i want my work to be treated with some respect and people to think well this is a quality well made and more importantly beautiful item.

So i have popped some of my prices up a little bit and we shall see how it goes x


Sweet Williams said...

I think this sounds like a good idea. You make beautiful products and you deserve to be rewarded with what they are really worth.

I have always found pricing quite hard. Price too low and people wont buy because they think the item must be cheap and nasty. Price too high and they think its a rip off. Finding a happy medium and making profit at the same time is bloody difficult!

I find that the majority of people ask me how much something is and pay no questions asked and appreciate the item and the effort put in to make it. However you do find the odd one or two who do say "how much", make horrible remarks and are usually the ones who don't realise you have just sat there for four hours making something for much less than minimum wage after you take materials into consideration.

Hehehe sorry little rant there!

Go for it I say :-)

Pipany said...

Good for you Sara. You need to have the belief in what you do as something of quality and therefore worth paying for, though I have fits about charging for my own work!! There will always be someone cheaper but your work will fetch what it deserves x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Know exactly what you mean. Another way of looking at it, is that petrol has gone up, the cost of material & supplies has gone up etc., so how can our prices stay exactly the same?
I think the people who make the rude comments, are the ones who wouldn't buy anyway. They would probably buy items mass produced for pence from a pound shop!!
Keep up the good work : )

Sharon xx

Pene said...

Pricing is a major issue for anyone who sells what they make. I purposely don't make anything that'll take more than a couple of hours as I know it'll be a nightmare to price. People are too used to buying things in shops that are made by poverty struck children for a bowl of rice. If people don't want to pay what your charging then good riddence to them, let them buy cheap mass produced tat instead!!

Just Original said...

Do it!

I think as long as you make it still affordable and keep some liitle tit bits cheap all good!!!

Vanessa x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I understand completely what you are saying. Some suggest that you apply an hourly rate to your pricing but as you say, if it is too dear then people run screaming away x