Monday, 30 January 2012

don't know why

i really wish somedays i could explain why i want to move
i wish i could explain why i want to leave the gorgeous Derbyshire countryside

A place i have lived for pretty much all my life
I was born and raised here and only moved away when my parents split up or i moved for work and then it was only for just over 10 years in total!

So why Cornwall

I do truly love the place
but and there is always a but
i feel lost, sad and like something is missing!

It is not a love of the seaside or the days on the beach but something else
something i cannot explain!
I need to find this something, whatever it is!
My love of Cornwall will not ease, it will not stop and it has become what my nearest and dearest call an obsession!
I just now that one day soon i will get there but i have had to learn that life goes on while i am waiting for this to happen ;o)


1 comment:

All things nice... said...

Go for it I say! Put it on your to do list! It is always good to plan for the future :)

All things nice...