Thursday, 6 October 2011

clean house

i am not a lover of housework!
I will never have a spotless show home type of house!
It would be a miracle if my home ever graced the pages of a glossy mag!

But if i spend a little time each day and every now and then a whole day blitzing the place my home scrubs up ok!

I decided in a moment of madness that now (which is my busiest time)
would be the best time to decorate... this would be the decorating i started before C had his knee surgery!!

1 comment:

Paula said...

I know what you mean as I feel the same, what I do is everyday I write a list of chores and tick them off as they get done. After I've ticked all the chores off the list I can then do whatever else I want. This list is usually 5 or 6 chores long if they're not too time consuming or just 1 or 2 if they take more time. This way I don't get distracted as I know what I need to do that day.

Sorry this comment turned out so long, I'd better go and start ticking things off my list for today :-)