Sunday, 17 July 2011


Sherrie by cj1970paj
Sherrie, a photo by cj1970paj on Flickr.

My beautiful girl just before her prom x

Cost of the prom

£52 dress... can be worn again

*£8.00 shoes already had

£4.00 cardigan

£2.00 vintage earings

*£5.00 vintage leather bag

£12.00 new make-up... will last for ages

£5.00 little extra's

it just shows proms don't have to cost a fortune x


a mermaids purse said...

oh. wow how beautiful and her hair looks wonderful, hope she enjoyed it ;0)

saraeden said...

she did thanks honey and we managed to do it all for just under £80.00 which was fab and she can wear the dress again if the sun ever shines again ;o)

Liz said...

She looks lovely :)

Thecraftytrundler said...

She looks beautiful!!! Loadsa money is not always needed to look gorgeous, as Sherrie shows us!!!

Sharon xx