Thursday, 7 July 2011

kitty kitty

up to my ears in work, lots of fun and interesting things in the pipeline here
I have nearly finished this chunk of fairs and events for now my last one is on Saturday
weather permitting !
Then it is time to crack on with getting samples of my work for Christmas to every magazine i think may like it ... phew it is hard work being self employed !

I am having such fun with lots of special commissions
We, yes we (that means C, S and me) are working on a
how to FME and applique video as i get so many requests for help and advice !
On the home front we have finally had S's prom
she looked stunning and very beautiful
we have also had vet trips with Fistral super cat, which as you can imagine was fun.

Loads more has been going off

(this one was taken just as we were packing up so excuse the lack of stock)

we took ourselves as Kittyeden to the gorgeous Thornbridge hall
wow what a stunning place, if you ever get to go there GO !

Right must dash off again x


Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

You make some beautiful items and I agree it is hard work being self employed!! xx

little miss maison said...

i love all your projects really nice xx