Sunday, 24 July 2011

Holiday time

yes people you read that right

me yes the workaholic having a holiday
well fear not i shall not be downing sewing tools
i am sticking around the house to do all those annoying jobs that i have never got to finish
there willl be curtains made and put up
cushions made for beds
artwork started and finished
and best of all more of that dreaded greenhouse will be going to the tip
and maybe if i nag nag nag C enough he may help me go and buy my new tiny shed
this will be No 1 shed for general cr*p and storage
No 2 shed will be for me

Sorry i didn't get around to sharing the teacher gifts
we ended up making choccy brownies to go with teacher badges
i had wanted to make more of an effort but last minute rush orders had to be done first

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Have a great holiday, make sure you do a little relaxing too! x