Saturday, 25 June 2011

give a big welcome to

Master Parsley pants
isn't he adorable
he is the cousin to my gorgeous bengal girlie

this is him climbing and swinging from my clothes horse
I did take around 30 photos of him but he moves so fast they are all a blur !

He is like a whirlwind .. bless him


Jenny said...

oh so sweet!!! i so want a kitten!! he is adorable xxx
p.s a very happy birthday for yesterday! x

Vintage Milly said...

oh he is soooo gorg! It is a long time since my Kitty climbed the clothes airer, he looks like he is having lots of fun!

Mum said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful furry bundle.
Love from Mum

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Just look at that face! xx

Lyn said...

Oh how adorable, I LOVE KITTENS!

Country Rose said...

Awww.. so cute! I'm desperate for a cat! :-)
Have to wait until we're in a suitable house though.. enjoy him!

Ashley xx

tk.spall said...

Cracking piccie - what a little star he is. Gorg

Gem said...

Gorgeous xxx

Joy said...

Eeeeep, he is gorgeous! I have lots of blurry photos of my cat who is like a feline whirlwind at times.

carrad said...

What a cute baby! I've got a new cute (grand)baby too, but with less fur and legs. Love the name xxx