Tuesday, 31 May 2011

what do you see ...

(wow that is a bad photo but look how lovely is my jug ... a 75p CS find )

when you look around you ?
What do you see ?

I love to read some blogs, see how others live
how they have such beautiful perfect homes but
more and more i love to read blogs of people
who like me have too much clutter and not enough space !
Who's painting skills do not meet their imagination
who prefer to spend their time just messing around with stuff
just like me ..

We and by that i mean me and slightly unwilling and very challenged in the diy dept partner are slowly trying to get the house how we want it
not no way ever is it going to be a glossy centerfold but it will be nice
but more over it will be how we want it
no hommage to a style or any style come to that
just how we want it and more importantly how it works best for us as a family !

*i shall add some picci's later just wanted to right this post while it was fresh in my head*


LissyLou said...

looking forward to seeing your homely pics xx

peas and carrots said...

I bet most bloggers just hide the rubbish/clutter before taking photos for their blog - I know i do !! hee hee.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Ha ha ha that sounds like me and our house! all clutter and no space. But I say slap some colour on it and it will be ok! lol.

Look forward to seeing some lovely housey pics.


carrad said...

My little house will never match up to some of the beauties I see in posh magazines and some gorgeous blogs. But it's MY (well, our house) and it's special to us. My secret to dealing with clutter? - just add more then you can't see the first lot of clutter! xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I have a perfect home - a perfectly untidy cluttered home! I am in awe of all the perfect pics I see on blogger but a do like a nice bit of pretty clutter!

saraeden said...

seems the clutter wins ... xx

Moseley Property Shop said...

I couldn't agree more!