Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter

First let me wish you all a Happy Easter
ok ok i know i am a little late with this !

I may shock some of you with this but i have had some time off
yes i know shocking isn't it !?!
One reason for my time off is that i have been quite poorly

just over two weeks ago i had a massive allergic reaction
i self medicated like you do for the best part of a week as i had a large fair looming
but by last Tuesday it really had got the better of me and i had to admit defeat and seek medical help ... quickly !

I had jabs and v.strong pills plus extra allergy tablets and more ... i was also told to take some time off to help my poor body heal .
So me being me decided it would be much more fun for me and all concerned to have some fab family days out .. all very chilled .

I also took the time to do one of my fave past times ... vintage treasure hunting
i have lots of photo's to show you but to start with here are some from our days out

i shall be back soon with some of my finds
some new products
a new vintage and found fabric sale
lots and lots of funstuff xx


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Hope you get better soon - sometimes we do just need to chill out but that is quite hard when you aren't used to it isn't it. Looks like you had a lovely time though. Take care. x

magic said...

Hope you feel better soon x